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Can you remove the mask you wear?

And reveal yourself to those who care?

Many of us use a “mask” to hide our true persona. We fear that we won’t be liked or accepted, so we journey through life hiding our true selves. It eats away at our spirit. We smile when we are unhappy. We don’t speak up when we disagree. We don’t ask for what we need. All to fit in. And sometimes we don’t even know what we are fitting in to.

In my Brave Heart talk, I tell my audience to brand themselves. I’m not talking about the painful brand used to identify livestock. I’m talking about a marketing brand. How do you really want others to perceive you? Corporations do it!  You can too.

Here’s what I discovered when I dropped my mask. I attract people of like minds. I discovered my strengths and people appreciate them. I’m contributing in my own unique way. It feels amazing!

I’ve branded myself an empathic, humorous, clever and sometimes crazy woman.  If you need someone like that in your life, I’m your Life Coach


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