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In 1901 H.C. Booth was sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch watching the dust blow.  As he observed the wind blowing clouds of dust down the road, he opened the eyes of his soul and said aloud, “What if we could reverse the wind?  Then instead of blowing dust, we could pull up the dust.”  Later that year Mr. Booth invented the vacuum cleaner.

How often do you take the time to sit in a rocking chair (assuming you have one:) and just be?

What do you think you would discover if you looked through the eyes of your soul?

If your life is sucking up dust like a vacuum cleaner, what can you do to reverse the process?


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Our Food Connection

Just a thought . . . we were having a really nice dinner this week and I noticed that the couple at the table next to us were not talking, and the woman was focusing all her attention on her phone.  The man was staring into space.  Not only was the personal connection disconnected, but I imagine there was a disconnection to the food as well.  We were tasting and commenting on each other’s food, and while we may have eaten more than we would normally, we enjoyed every bite!

This has not been the case for me in the past.  I’ve mostly journeyed through eating and other events mindlessly and as a result cannot recall what I ate or details about the event.  I’ve promised myself to pay more attention, and that is a new behavior and is not always accomplished easily.  But when I do – what a difference it makes!

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In church today, a woman sat beside me and she was clearly agitated.  How did I know this?  She proceeded to tell me how she felt excluded by a women’s church group and that her husband had questioned her choice of religion while he was driving her to church.  And as a result, she was in a bad mood.  I suggested that this was a good place to let all that go and focus on the next hour of prayer, community and contemplation.  She left early, so I surmise that she was not able to just sit back and relax into the moment.  Which led me to think about the times when I (because of that inner negative voice) transformed an experience from something positive and possibly enjoyable to the exact opposite.  And just who really suffered as a result?

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My journey includes learning as much as I can about Mindful Eating and its nemesis, mindless eating.  Most of my life I gobbled up food and often had no idea as to how much I consumed.  I have also given in to food cravings and satisfied emotional needs with food.  Now, for several years, I’ve paid more attention, listened to my body and slowed down.

I’d love to hear from other people who are struggling with food issues and think that food is the enemy!

Perhaps I can help you in an informal or formal way.   It often takes a village!

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